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Advance Directives – Living Will

Advance Directives – Living Will

Norman Endoscopy Center is an ambulatory endoscopy center.  We expect all patients to be discharged in the same manner that they arrived.  Therefore, if an emergency should arise, the staff and physicians at Norman Endoscopy Center will practice heroic measures in order to preserve life.

Advance Directives/Living Wills are not honored at Norman Endoscopy Center but in the event that a patient is transferred to Norman Regional Hospital (closet emergency facility) they will be honored there.  If you have a Living Will/Advance Directive we will be happy to copy it and attach it to your chart.  If you do not have an Advance Directive/Living Will and would like one, we have generic forms that you may complete.  The form does require witnesses and no employee of Norman Endoscopy Center may sign as a witness on a patient’s Living Will/Advance Directive.

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